Antoine Laumet was born in Saint Nicolas de la Grave in 1658. In 1683, while in the service of  Louis XIV, he was sent to America and Canada. He ended up fighting the English, mapping the Atlantic Coast near Manhattan and was able to establish friendly relations with the local tribes (Hurons and Algonquins).
He started using the name Lamothe-Cadillac around 1701 and established Fort Ponchartrain near the Great Lakes, that would later become Detroit.
After many international travels, he was appointed Governor of Louisana. When he came back to France, he was imprisoned in the Bastille. Upon release, he moved to Castelsarrasin and became the local governor. He died in the town in 1730.

In 1902, General Motors, based in Detroit, created the prestigious CADILLAC range of cars in honour of the city's founder.
LAMOTHE-CADILLAC: Governor of Louisiana, founder of Detroit City and native of Saint Nicolas de la Grave.
In 1972, the Historical Society of Detroit and the Historic Commision made a donation of $20,000 to purchase Lamothe Cadillac's family home. The home was transformed into the museum that you see today.
Antoine Laumet was born in Saint Nicolas de la Grave on March 5th 1658. His family's house is now home to Lamothe Cadillac Museum where you can learn more about his life and adventures.
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